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Are PPPs Working?

In the opening address Mr. Anil Baijal, Chairman, IDFC Foundation emphasized that the discourse on PPPs has to shift from 'Are PPPs working' to 'How to make PPPs work', as in the present fiscal situation, they are the only alternative to provide infrastructure services.

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Indian Exchanges - The Final Countdown!

A near US$500trn – 10x world’s GDP – is the turnover on global exchanges today! Intrinsically an annuity business, sticky ‘liquidity’ renders the industry quasimonopolistic where ‘winner takes all’.

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The Political Economy of Infrastructure Development in
Post-Independence India

Infrastructure services, defined broadly to include roads, ports, airports, communication networks, water supply, irrigation systems, and electric power, have unique characteristics that invariably generate special interest among governments of all kinds, be they monarchical, authoritarian, republican or otherwise.

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Financing Infrastructure

It was not so long ago that infrastructure investment in India was financed almost entirely by the public sector – from government budgetary allocations and internal resources of public sector infrastructure companies.

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Speech by Dr. Rajiv B. Lall at the Infrastructure Investors Conference 2010 in New Delhi.

Please settle down, we do not want to start with a delay. We have a very, very tight schedule for the day.

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Speech by Dr. Rajiv B. Lall at the Infrastructure Investors Conference 2009 in New Delhi

This conference is an important event for us at IDFC. It is an opportunity for us to update a wide and influential community of stakeholders such as you on the most important developments in India's infrastructure sectors.

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Sustainability Report 2012 - 14