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Work Environment

Excellence, learning and rewards are a part of our growth process. World-class processes and transparency in compensation benchmarking assist in our goal towards giving our employees a workplace that they are proud of.

Learning at IDFC

We continuously invest in honing the leadership qualities of our employees. The Said School of Business, Oxford University, has developed a program for our senior executives called ‘Leadership Excellence in the 21st Century’ to nurture key talent at senior levels. We have also tied up with ISB, Hyderabad, to run training diagnostics and devise programs in areas such as leadership, knowledge and managerial excellence.

Compensation and benefits

We have a formal process of compensation benchmarking where we use best international standards, and an inbuilt process for annual review. Our rigorous and transparent performance pay scale program ensures that high performers are well-compensated both monetarily and in stock.

Employee stock options

We reward dedication by creating co-owners. In addition to the variable compensation system, we give employee stock options to high performers to create a core long-term talent group within the team. This ensures that performing employees see long term benefit in participating in the growth of the organization.

Internal job postings

To minimize talent attrition, we look at movement of talent from one place to another through an internal job posting program. Through this, employees can apply to any new vacancy within the organization. The program has ensured that we have one of the lowest rates of employee attrition in any industry.

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