Established in 2002, IDFC Alternatives’ private equity franchise focuses on investing growth capital alongside passionate and visionary entrepreneurs that are building India. With 41 investments and 25 liquidity events (till April 2015), the private equity team combines deep operating and investing experience across market cycles with the proven ability to identify and scale companies across sectors.

We are typically a significant minority investor, but we also have demonstrated the ability to incubate and profitably grow companies in control situations. As a trusted partner to our portfolio companies, we offer a deep engagement model that seeks to institutionalise family-owned businesses, develop strategies to help these companies achieve transformational growth and implement the systems for sustained success that facilitate a profitable exit within a 4-6 year timeframe.

We have built our reputation as a pioneering private equity investor in several businesses ranging from healthcare to clean energy. Looking ahead, we are increasingly focused on supporting entrepreneurs to create value in companies that are at the confluence of infrastructure and consumption sectors.

We have invested INR 50 billion (US$1 billion) in 36 companies across three funds

  • India Development Fund (2004), an INR 8.4 billion (US$192 million) fund that has been fully exited at a Net IRR of 32%
  • IDFC Private Equity Fund II (2006), an INR 19.9 billion (US$440 million) fund, partially exited
  • IDFC Private Equity Fund III (2008), an INR 29.0 billion (US$644 million) fund, partially exited