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What we look for

We have a long-term investment horizon. Our investment strategy targets assets that have visibility of strong, predictable cash flows in the form of regular dividend distribution, low volatility of returns and potential for capital growth.

We practice high standards of corporate governance and independent arms-length reporting structures to drive accountability and transparency in our operations. We invest alongside sponsors with good management teams, sound governance practices, strong financial resources and robust track record of execution.

Investment Criteria

  • Core Infrastructure
  • Asset Focus
  • Valuation: Cash Flow Driven
  • Target IRR: Typically in high teens

Investment decisions are based on a critical evaluation of underlying assets to ensure cautious and robust entry valuations.

Target Sectors

IIF invests directly or indirectly in assets and companies that primarily derive their value from infrastructure concessions/projects/assets with principal exposure to the following target sectors which guides our core infrastructure focus:

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