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Vector Green Energy Private Limited ("Vector Green")

Sector: Energy & Utilities – Renewables
Stage: Operating


Investment description

IIF2 has established Vector Green Energy Private Limited ("Vector Green") as the operating cum holding company for its control investments in the renewable energy space. As of now, Vector Green owns and operates 346 MWp across 11 assets. Vector Green is managed by an in-house professional team with combined experience of over 100 years across O&M, finance, secretarial and accounting in its Mumbai head office and various project sites. The management team works under the aegis of a professional board of directors.

Once the platform attains scale, the vision is to leverage the experience and technical know-how of the Vector Green team to start development and construction of renewable projects to grow the platform to 1 GW and beyond. IIF2 expects to invest an additional USD150-200m of equity capital into the platform and has access to additional capital from LPs (limited partners or investors) by way of co-investments.

Vector Green aggregation platform offers better and more efficient portfolio management, enables taking controlling stakes, allows for optimization of common operating costs, ensures greater control over the investment performance and offers easier liquidity through public markets and/or strategic sales.

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