In the backdrop of benign socio-economic factors such as improving GDP growth rates and political stability, India stands poised to enter into a period of propitious business and growth. Keeping pace with the country's rapid strides of progress, the business environment in India has undergone a sea of change. Business is no longer usual, reactive and mundane; it is all about ideation, new initiatives and game-changing transformations to maximize the organizationís potential.

In such a changing environment, CFOs will need to play a more revolutionary role in the growth of the organization and serve as a catalyst to positive transformation. In line with this, the theme for our conference was Catalyst for Growth.

Itís been our constant endeavor to bring together intellectual minds and facilitate healthy debate on highly topical issues affecting strategy and decision-making. It is critical that we stimulate our minds and incubate fresh ideas in order to take organizations to the next level. We therefore invited some of the industry's leading minds, to share their experience and ideas and provide in-depth insights and perspective on the evolving business environment.