Disrupt or be disrupted!

It’s time to sit up and take note of the obvious, that nothing is ‘obvious’ any more. There is nothing called regular, conventional, usual or status quo. The business environment has catapulted to a new normal – one that of constant change.

As a business strategist, are you ready to play this new game of constantly changing parameters? Can you challenge it and make it work positively for you? These are some of the pertinent questions today.

The theme for our conference ‘Catalyst for Growth’ aptly captured the spirit of a strategist and business partner - the CFO and his ever-evolving role. With disruption being a thing that we have to live with, the conference aimed at providing key insights to empower our stakeholders leap-frog their organization to the next level of business growth and optimism.

In this conference, we had some of the best minds in the industry share their knowledge and perspectives with us. Additionally, there was ample scope to discuss, deliberate & debate on topical issues.

With the positive feedback and encouragement that we received from our audience, we hope to keep up the fervor and commit to raising the bar every passing year.

Thanking you for your tremendous support and cooperation, which made this event a grand success!